The Five Essentials for SW Testing


Type of testing

Order of testing

​​​Optimum amount of effort
Prioritization of testing
Eliminate waste of time and effort

test Plan

Who & which task

When to start and end

Optimum amount of effort

Dependencies among the tasks

Modify if needed as the project evolve 

test cases

How many types of testing

Base it on requirement priority

and acceptance criteria

customer’s emphasis on quality dimensions

know project’s latest risk assessment

Good test case meets the requirements and uncover defects if any 


Names, addresses, product orders
Will need a database of data 

Use random tools to generate unique data wherever needed

Usually done simultaneously with test case development


A place to do the testing and right equipment

All the components of the system

environment may be scaled-down versions of the real thing

A wish list of components needed is part of the test strategy

This is a part of testing plan