cyber attack anywhere is a cyber threat everywhere! 

We monitor the sites which are not updated for a while and will inform you about a potential threat. If we have contacted and asked you to update the sites security patches, please don't feel bad. It happens with most or all of the sites - if the business is dull, if no much activity is not happening in your organization. So just update, if you need help contact us. We will do it for you as safety is everyone's responsibility. As cyber attack anywhere is a cyber threat everywhere! 

Abandoned applications/websites are safe heavens for the hackers. Major cause of abandoned websites/applications are lack of thought through process. Entrepreneurs tend to start an online application as soon as an idea hits their mind. After a while if they don't see much traffic to their application they would lose the interest and slow down the updates and later abandon the application. Here is the relevance of application service management. All applications, small or complex, should undergo this process in small or large scale depending on the complexity of  the application. 

Before starting the development of any application we should think about the target group/end user. What application is best for their use? There are so many tools and services available today and optimum choice should be done depending on our budget.

Once it is implemented continuous analysis and real user monitoring should be done to know how the applications are used. Which page/application is most and least used. These factors will help organizations to analyse and correct the applications as needed to improve the usability and drive more users.

Lack of thought through process and monitoring has forced the entrepreneurs to abandon the applications. These are safe heavens for hackers to implant malware/ransomware. These sites then deliver malware to visitors without any knowledge or control over what is happening.