XQE Services

Quality Engineering has come a long way. Manual tests were considered to be 'THE TEST' for a long time and automation was optional. But not anymore. Technology has evolved in lightening speed and new devices hit the market faster than the blink of an eye! Average size of monitors vary from 60" to 6".  The endless list of devises and environments are making it impossible to cover the tests manually, thus automation has become an inevitable part of quality engineering. A delay in bringing product to the market completely jeopardize the ROI.

Xtreme Quality Engineering has various services from turn key solutions through mentoring service. DoTs is a turn key solution where we develop an end to end testing frame work and suites for your various testing needs and integrate them to a continuous integration tool. The concerned employee in your firm can conduct tests and  generate reports by a click. By mentoring services we train your employees to generate testing frameworks and suites themselves and enable them to handle future testing needs themselves with a continuous support from XQE.