Quality Engineering

SW Testing

Gone are the days when one would code, test the basic functionality and pass it to production. The scope of software testing has expanded from basic functionality, user's point of view through hacker's point of view. In other words, functional test, usability test, and security tests have got vast areas to be considered and a multi member software testing/quality assurance team is an inevitable part of software development.

Why QA

Growing confidence in the system - Preventing weaknesses and defects - Providing comprehensive information about the level of quality - Defining the process requirements - Testing the system’s usability and operability - Providing an understanding between contractor and customer - To ensure that the final product complies with set requirements and standards

Cost of a SW Bug

The True Cost of a Software Bug the blog by Celerity mentions about the cost of a bug as $100 through $10,000 if found in requirement gathering through production respectively. But, real fact is that some of the critical bugs in security has made even the firms to go out of business! In that case, the cost of the bug can be assessed only when it is really affected in the real world, which some times can be fatal. It may be $100, $10,000 or the entire value of a firm!