Login Scenarios

GUI & Functionality

    1. Minimum and Maximum lengths should be set for all the text boxes

    2. Password should be displayed in masked format rather than showing actual text format

    3. Login credentials in UPPER case should not be treated as invalid

    4. Validation message should be shown when special characters are entered in the username field, or when invalid username and/or password is entered or the fields are left blank

    5. Reset button should clear data from all the text boxes in the form

    6. Login credentials, especially password, should be stored in database in encrypted format.

Login Scenarios


    1. When logged in user copy URL and paste in new browser window, it should redirect to Login page

    2. Users should not be allowed to copy and paste Password from text box

    3. Notification email for multiple device login - if user login from unusual device/machine

    4. Entering Login credentials using virtual keyboard should be provided for banking application

    5. After 3 or 5 unsuccessful attempts of login, user login credentials should get locked for specific period e.g. 24 hours

    6. SSL certificate should be implemented/installed for Secured Website

    7. SQL injection attacks & XSS should be verified for login

    8. Two-way authentication through OTP on mobile/email should be tested for banking application.

Login Scenarios


    After logout if user clicks on back button user should not be able to login within same session, it should redirect to login page

    If user logged in on multiple devices and Logout from one device then it should Logout from all platform/devices

    Maximum Session out time should be set for Secured website

Login Scenarios


    If Browser cookies are cleared and user tries to login, the system should ask for credentials again

    ‘Remember Form Data’ setting of the browser should not remember the password

    Validate the login functionality when browser cookies are turned OFF

Search Scenarios

Search box

    1. Verify that Search results displayed should be relevant to search keyword

    2. Verify that entering % sign in search keyword does not redirect to 404 ERROR

    3. Verify that Application does not crash if user inserted % in search field

    4. Verify that when user start typing word in text box it should suggest words that matches typed keyword

    5. Verify that there are pre-defined search criteria for auto complete e.g. after typing first 3 letter it should suggest matching keyword

    6. Verify that when user clicks on any link from result and navigates back, the results are maintained

    7. Verify that after clicking Search field - search history are displayed (latest search keyword)

    8. Verify that all search keyword/filters get cleared on clicking Reset button

    9. Verify that search results are cleared on clicking clear search button

    10. Verify that history displayed in search field are relevant to logged in user only

    11. Verify that pagination works fine for searches that return multiple number of records that span through pages

    12. Verify that total number of search records/results are displayed on page

    13. Verify that search keyword get highlighted with color in the search results

    14. Verify that for ecommerce sites - search keyword should suggest similar kind of product/items

    15. Verify that for Advanced Search - limited search filters should be provided

    16. Verify that Water text are provided for user to understand what to search

    17. Validate search rules defined for “Exact Match” with the search key word

    18. Validate search rules defined for “Similar Match” with the search key word

    19. Validate search rules defined to search with a set of keywords

    20. Verify that user is able to search when he enters the keyword and hits ‘Enter’ button on keyboard

    21. Verify by entering only special characters and click on Search button

    22. Verify by entering only numbers and click on Search button

    23. Verify by entering alphanumeric characters and click on Search button

    24. Verify by entering alphanumeric characters and special characters and click on search button

    25. Verify by entering string more than the max char limit of the field

    26. Verify by entering string with spaces (before string, after string and in between) and verify the results

    27. Verify this on all pages where Search box is available

    28. Verify by drag and drop image or other file in search box and check the result

    29. Check if search is applied on water mark updated in search box



    1. Verify by entering a search criterion in Search field which will give only one result and verify the UI of the page

    2. Verify by entering a search criterion in search field which will not give any results and Verify the UI.

    3. Verify by entering First / middle/ last word of any title and verify the search results

    4. For each item category -Enter the value in search field based on the above prepared “Test Data” and verify the search results.

    5. For each category- Enter the value in search field which will give multiple results :

    6. Verify the UI and pagination.

    7. Verify sorting order of search results.

    8. Validate the search results and number of Search results from the database

    9. For each category-Add new item in the system and after that search the same item through the Search field.

    10. For each category-Update title of any existing item and after that search updated item through the Search field with old and new title.

    11. For each category-Remove any existing item from the system and after that search same item through the Search field.

    12. Verify the above scenarios for logged in and not logged in user.

    13. Verify that users are able to search public items only. They should not be able to search those items /details which are private

    14. Verify the total number of results to be displayed in one page

    15. Verify that Duplicate records are not displayed in result

    16. Verify that pagination is enabled when there are more results than the default result count per page

    17. Verify the number of result per page it should be same on all pages till last page

    18. Verify that Searched keywords are highlighted in the search results page and also in the page where the keyword exists.

    19. Verify that proper messages are displayed when there are no results.

    20. Verify that the count of the search results displayed in the page.


Internal and External

    1. Verify that the Tool tip text are available and meaningful.

    2. Verify whether all external links are opening in new window with proper URL

    3. Verify that all internal links are navigating within application as per requirement

    4. Verify if links are directing to the desired pages

    5. Verify whether email address link opening the mail instance like outlook

    6. Verify where there are any blank pages or dead ends while clicking the links

    7. Verify the Links opening in other tab /window as per requirement

    8. Verify the Compatibility Testing for all links on other browsers

    9. Verify that the color of links change after the page is visited once. (This can vary as per the design).

    10. Verify that the link color is as per the specification.

    11. Verify that a hand icon is displayed when mouse pointer is hovered over the link.

    12. Verify the loading time for internal links as per requirement

    13. Verify whether shared link is getting shared properly with correct address

    14. Verify whether shared link is getting opened properly


Various - Relatively same

    1. Verify the form position on the web page

    2. Verify whether all controls are available on the form as per requirement

    3. Verify the alignment of web controls in the form

    4. Verify all labels of the forms

    5. Verify that An asterisk is displayed near required fields

    6. Verify the behavior of form by not filling up any data into the form.

    7. Verify heading of the form

    8. Verify phone number field with alphabetic data and with invalid formats

    9. Verify email field with invalid email format

    10. Verify Captcha field with reset button

    11. Verify Save and cancel buttons in the form

    12. Verify the behavior of form by adding random data in the text field.

    13. Verify Validation message on required field or incorrect values

    14. Verify whether the navigation between the fields is successful using tab

    15. Verify Multiple clicks on the submit should not be allowed while the registration is in progress.

    16. Verify Submit button can be disabled before entering the mandatory fields in the form.

Boxes & Text Area

Text Area

    Text area are one of the common fields of web pages and they are important too as maximum input like customer’s information phone number, name, email ids are entered in text box and text can be entered from text boxes in free way. While testing text boxes or text areas testers should apply extra effort to see that there are no flaws, here are some scenarios

    1. Verify the entry of alpha characters or alpha numeric characters

    2. Verify that the entry of alpha characters are accepted in upper and lower case

    3. Verify the mandatory conditions for the textbox, if given

    4. Verify that the textbox is blank or not by default

    5. Verify the Max-Min character limit of text box

    6. Verify by entering only numeric characters

    7. Verify with the requirement whether it will accept numeric and special characters

    8. Verify by entering ”HTML tag” and click save button

    9. Verify by entering “Java Script” and click save button

    10. Verify by entering “Spaces” in the prefix and suffix of the entered character-Trimming of space

    11. Verify by entering “single quotes and double quotes”

    12. Verify by Copy and Paste long texts from word or notepad

    13. Verify the height and alignment of text boxes are same throughout the site

    14. Verify drag and drop image in text box

    15. Verify text box except only spaces as input

    16. Verify the zip code text field with string instead of numbers.

    17. Verify the zip code text field with numbers shorter than and larger than required.


Radio Buttons

    1. Verify if a click can select a radio button

    2. Verify that only one radio button is getting selected at a time

    3. Verify the Radio button label description

    4. Verify the size and color of button

    5. Verify the alignment of the Radio Buttons



    1. Verify checking and selection of check box/s

    2. Verify the Check Box label description

    3. Verify the alignment of the Check Boxes

    4. Verify the height, length and width of each box

    5. Verify the user can check multiple boxes at a time

    6. Verify that the checked box is ticked

    7. Verify that the unchecked box is unticked

    8. Verify that the checkbox selection enables the specific element



    1. Verify the font size

    2. Verify the font color

    3. Verify the spelling mistakes

    4. Verify the button size

    5. Verify whether expected result is displayed on click

    6. Verify that the record is added while you click the button.

    7. Verify that the record get deleted when you click DELETE button.

    8. Verify that the value get modified when click on edit/update button


Critical Field

    1. Verify whether password field is accepting only characters as per requirement

    2. Verify password length

    3. Verify that password is displayed in encrypted format

    4. Verify all possible combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters as per requirement

    5. Verify whether validation is placed if user fail to enter the correct password



    1. Verify the account from Which id it will get fired

    2. Verify the receiver's account id

    3. Verify the Subject line of an Email

    4. Verify the Content Of an Email

    5. Verify whether there is any hyperlinks/urls in the Email if so where it is redirecting.

    6. Verify what does repetitive click on same link results in?

    7. Verify the Spellings all over the Email

    8. Verify If mail is of “Do not Reply” Kind what happen even if replied

    9. Verify if mail is NOT of “Do not Reply” kind what will happen On reply, where does it goes to

    10. Verify whether special characters in email body template is handled properly.

    11. Verify the content of the email

    12. Verify email in different email services like outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo etc.

    13. Verify send email functionality using TO, CC and BCC fields

    14. Verify validation while sending blank mail content

    15. Verify validation while sender or receiver section is blank

    16. Verify sending high volume of emails.

    17. Verify various languages handled properly in content

    18. Verify whether email is going to inbox NOT going to spam folder



    1. Verify the uploaded image path

    2. Verify the image upload and change/update functionality

    3. Verify image upload functionality with image files of different extensions (e.g. JPEG, PNG, BMP etc.)

    4. Verify image upload functionality with images having space or any other allowed special character in file name

    5. Verify duplicate name image upload

    6. Verify image upload with image size greater than the max allowed size. Proper error message should be displayed.

    7. Verify image upload functionality with file types other than images (e.g. txt, doc, pdf, exe etc.). Check validation for invalid format

    8. Verify whether images of specified height and width (if defined) are accepted otherwise rejected

    9. Verify that progress bar should appear for large size images

    10. Verify whether cancel button functionality is working in between upload process

    11. Verify if file selection dialog shows only supported files listed

    12. Verify multiple images upload functionality

    13. Verify image quality after upload. Image quality should not be changed after upload

    14. Verify if user is able to use/view the uploaded images



    1. Verify the default selected value in dropdown

    2. Verify maximum character length display in the dropdown

    3. Verify maximum number of values display in dropdown without scroll bar

    4. Verify that the dropdown can be opened by clicking on both box and dropdown arrow

    5. Verify that once dropdown is selected, you should be able to select values by keyboard arrow keys or mouse scroll even if dropdown is closed.

    6. Verify that after selecting dropdown, if you press any alphabet key, the respective value should be selected automatically.

    7. Verify that the use is not restricted from editing the dropdown value

    8. Verify whether dropdown values are arranged in alphabetical order

Date Field

Calendar Control

    1. Verify by entering the invalid date and valid month and valid year

    2. Verify by entering the valid date and valid month and invalid year

    3. Verify by entering the valid date and invalid month and valid year

    4. Verify by entering the valid date and invalid month and invalid year

    5. Verify by entering the invalid date and invalid month and invalid year

    6. Verify by entering the invalid date and valid month and invalid year

    7. Verify by entering the invalid blank space and valid month invalid and blank space

    8. Verify by entering the blank space for day and blank space for month and blank space for year

    9. Verify whether the year entered is leap or ordinary year.

    10. Verify for ordinary year the max limit of number in day field in the month should be 31.

    11. Verify for leap year the max limit of number in day field in the month Feb should be 29.

    12. Verify alternate months for date in day field i.e. 30/31 should be accepted.

    13. Verify by entering the date below/beyond the range, i.e. 32 or 0 etc.

    14. Verify by entering the month below/beyond the range, i.e. 13 or 0…

    15. Verify by entering zero before the single digit number in date/month.

    16. Verify if auto populated calendar filed is open on click of box or on calendar icon

    17. Verify whether we are able to select the desired day on the calendar.

    18. Verify that the date we clicked are populated in the date field

    19. Verify if the calendar field is editable even if user can select date form calendar populated

    20. Verify that the editable calendar can take date format specified and not any other value

    21. Verify whether calendar control is opening in all the browsers


Pop Up

    1. Verify Message For Each field of a web app

    2. Verify that the informative message display standard icon, message content, cross/Cancel and OK button

    3. Verify all text messages for spelling and grammar

    4. Verify Confirmation Messages

    5. Verify Pop up Messages

    6. Verify Messages as per Browsers

    7. Verify Error Messages

    8. Verify that the Alert/Error message are shown in red color

    9. Verify that proper punctuation is used in alert messages (question, period, and exclamation marks)

    10. Verify that the Confirmation message of Successful Functionality are shown in Green color

    11. Verify that there is an alert/Confirmation prompt Before Delete functionality

    12. Verify the Font, Alignment, Size and color of the Messages

    13. Verify Placing & Spacing Of Messages

    14. Verify Format of messages

    15. Verify Spellings of messages

    16. Verify that While Message Pop up or a child window opens for message other areas will get Non editable.

    17. Verify that Most important Message are easily understood

    18. Verify that there is enough time for the user to read the message before the pop up goes off

    19. Verify that the Messages must be related to page concerned only and it should disappear once on new page


Graphical Reports

    1. Verify that the reports get generated for respective data

    2. Verify that the data reflects same as input given

    3. Verify that the change in inputs immediately reflect the update in reports on Refresh

    4. Verify that the input with Special characters and its effect in reports

    5. Verify by using Long text as input and then analyze the report

    6. Verify with different Formats of reports

    7. Verify that the label of X and Y axes are correct

    8. Verify that the legends are specified on reports

    9. Verify that the legends are easy to understand